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Essential Information On Information Technology And Human Development

In this era of an ongoing information revolution as well as rapid technological advancements, one of the main by-products is continuous change. The concepts of the information economy and globalization are the two main features defining this particular historic phase. Almost all economies are getting affected by this transformation which brings together economic, social, political, cultural and technical processes and consequently this is creating huge opportunities as well as challenges.

The development of our society has been greatly enhanced by the usage of computers and also networks in information distribution. The developing nations are trying their best to catch up with the more advanced countries. The role of the computers has enhanced steadily in scope supported by the advancement in software and hardware. The introduction of the World Wide Web has made this more apparent.

We can define information technology as a term which includes all types of technology used to store, create, exchange and also manipulate information in its different forms such as voice input, business data, motion pictures, still images, multimedia presentations and so on. In fact, information technology is driving what is known as the “industrial revolution”.

The rapid growth of IT has influenced the human development to a great extent. The flexibility in solving so many issues, accessing and distributing information at present is all addressed to its advancement. The advantages which are definite to flow from technological innovation in a progressively connected as well as a knowledge-intensive world is going to be grabbed by those nations and organizations which are alive to the swiftly transforming environment, and perky enough to make full use of the opportunities. The ones that succeed will make considerable improvements in minimizing inequality and poverty.




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