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  • Marketing automation tools comparison

    The marketing automation system is software that helps marketers perform routine tasks in their field more efficiently. The main goal of such a system is the so-called “cultivation” of potential customers by targeted, personified satisfaction of the needs, information needs and requests of each of them. As a result, your company’s sales department receives more…

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  • Salesfusion

    Salesfusion has released a fresh version of its own marketing automation platform improved with the lead-marking abilities it acquired together with the acquisition of LoopFuse. The outcome of the recently incorporated product is a marketing automation program that’s predictive lead marking and is priced and configured to be utilized by mid-market businesses, said Salesfusion CEO…

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  • Essential Information On Information Technology And Human Development

    In this era of an ongoing information revolution as well as rapid technological advancements, one of the main by-products is continuous change. The concepts of the information economy and globalization are the two main features defining this particular historic phase. Almost all economies are getting affected by this transformation which brings together economic, social, political,…

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